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Flymo Ultraglide

So if you are looking to buy a Flymo Ultraglide and want a very cheap price then this is great for you as they are all brand new and have very low prices. So you can easily buy a Flymo Ultraglide using this page and save a lot of money, and then also have the amazing lawn that a Flymo Ultraglide will give.

We only show the very cheapest prices that we could find and they are also all brand new and so top quality. So the cheapest Flymo Ultraglide that we can find are:

Flymo UltraGlide Electric Hover Collect Lawnmower 1800W - 36cm
Flymo UltraGlide Electric Hover Collect Lawnmower 1800W - 36cm*
by Flymo
  • Cuts close to walls, fences and over edges
  • Easy to carry and folds compact for easy storage
  • Single lever adjustment of the cutting heights, offering four heights of cut from 13 mm to 32 mm
  • Large 30 L grass box
  • 1800 watt power supply
  • Cable length 12 m
List Price: £159.99 You Save: £20.00 (13%) Prime Price: £139.99 Buy now at Amazon*
Price incl. VAT., Excl. Shipping

Why Buy a Flymo Ultraglide?

The Flymo Ultraglide is incredible for many reasons and gives an amazing finish to your lawn and so if you are wanting the best looking garden possible then the Flymo Ultraglide is a great choice.

While purchasing a petrol lawn mower, you must consider a few things that matter a lot including engine type, size and the working types. All of the petrol lawn mowers have some special features. You will have to check and compare all of these to select the perfect one for your lawn.


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The major downside of any electric mower is the trailing electrical cord. Although you’ll soon get used to handling and avoid it. It really is a trade-off between quality and cost. Although, in truth, for the majority of us, the rotary mower will do a more than adequate job. Buying a cheap lawn mower has everything to do with the size of the mower. Keep in mind that even though the lawn mower might be cheap, it doesn’t mean you should just go for any size you find. Be sure to check if it can effectively mow your lawn when you buy it. In most cases, the size of the lawn mower has everything to do with its capacity, so it makes it more necessary that you consider the size before you take your final decision.


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Also, rotary mowers often have back rollers that flatten the cut to give a more ‘professional’ striped finish to the lawn; not quite up to Wimbledon standards but nevertheless most acceptable. Make sure you read reviews. It will make choosing the right lawnmower that much easier. We promise you!

Or if you do not want to look at the Flymo Ultraglide but would rather look at other lawn mowers then you can see the main Cheap Flymo Lawn Mowers page or the other pages for other lawn mowers.

Electric lawnmowers come in a range of styles and power ratings, each suited to specific terrain and user preference.

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